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Sreenidhi Vijayaraghavan

Senior Reporter

Hello! I’m a junior at IHS Dubai and this is my second year with the LightHouse. Taking up writing as a hobby at a tender age, I’ve come to appreciate and recognize the power of words, which is perhaps why I decided to “exert” this power by joining the LightHouse. In this digital age there is a need to inform and be informed, which is why reporting is placed on a high pedestal in my eyes and in light of events affecting the international society, it is essential that we put our foot forward and speak out against it, and reporting is the way to spread awareness about this.

My interests include reading, swimming, playing the violin, karate, and coming up with conspiracy theories to explain this strange world we live in.

Here’s hoping for the best of another year as a senior reporter for the LightHouse!

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