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Vivek Philendra Thachilath

Junior Reporter

‘Don’t try to fit in when you are born to stand out.’ Is probably one of the most influential quotes I have read in my life. I was always the odd one out ever since I was a child, but my weirdness probably made me more of an exotic person. I always had contradictory interests comparing to other people my age. I’m not the stereotypical teenager of this era, you can call me old school alright. I was always fascinated by what journeys books can take you and my interest started since childhood. My wide variety in books ranges from Rick Riordan’s Greek mythologies to John Green’s romance novels. A huge classic and punk rock enthusiast. I have always had different opinions and ideologies than the ones proposed by the society so then I began to write to express my views and thanks to the encouragement and support from everyone here I am today. And so I’ll continue to write and make my mark in this world.

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